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November 17th, 2019 - Los Angeles





Los Angeles (Nov, 17th, 2019)




Unfortunately, all Shaparak's shows have been canceled due to COVID-19. However; we hope to see you soon once the world sees a better day. We thank you for your patience and interest. 

Please stay safe!



Meet our talented director, composer and cast





Shaparak is a masterpiece by Bijan Mofid. He is best known for his magnificent play called "Shahre Ghesseh". Shaparak was debuted on November 17, 2019 at the Studio 60 in Los Angeles. Due to sheer size of this production and its specific performances, a Black Box was chosen for the first run of this show.

There are nine brilliant actors performing along with music and singing in this incredible show. The 2018 Grammy Award winner "Hamid Saiedi" is the composer of this musical. He will electrify you with his captivating music during this play.

Join us in this rare opportunity to experience the revival of a masterpiece; a battle of Light and Darkness in the human existence.




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